How To Keep Cannabis Fresh

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Whether you use cannabis recreationally, to reduce stress and anxiety, for sleep, or for medicinal purposes, you want it to be fresh. If weed isn’t fresh, it can have an impact on its effects, but how do you keep weed fresh?

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how to store weed, what the benefits of proper storage of cannabis are, and what you should avoid when storing cannabis. Take a look to find out more.

Cannabis Storage: How to Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

The quality of your cannabis flower is going to be affected, and whatever kind of cannabis you’re using, storage is essential for highly effective weed! Below, we’ve offered a few recommendations for proper cannabis storage.

Use a UV-Protected, Airtight Glass Container

Storing cannabis in an airtight container is essential to avoid the degradation of cannabinoids. These plant compounds are the molecules that give weed its many potent effects, so you don’t want them to degrade!

There are many options for weed storage container products, including glass jars with airtight lids. In general, you should try to avoid plastic bags and plastic containers.

Add a Humidity Pack

Adding humidity packs to your storage container can help to control humidity levels and avoid too much moisture getting into the cannabis. While many people think that weed drying out is bad, so is weed that has too much moisture.

Choose a Cool Environment

A cooler environment is likely to have less humidity and helps to prevent degradation caused by excessive heat. If you’re looking for a long-term storage solution, a cool and dark environment is the most preferable.

Only Grind What You Need

Though it can be tempting to grind enough to fill the average grinder, you should avoid doing so unless you’re going to smoke or consume it all that day. Grinding weed can speed up the rate at which the terpenes will degrade and it is more likely to dry out in the grinder.

Why Do I Need to Keep Weed Fresh?

So, why do you need to store weed properly in the first place? What is the point and how can the way you store cannabis affect its use?

There are two ways that storing weed in the wrong way can affect it. These are when weed becomes dried out or when it has too much moisture. Below we’ve summarized what happens in both instances.

If your weed has been exposed to excess moisture:

  • It will be difficult to grind
  • It won’t burn as easily, or not at all in some cases
  • Wetter cannabis flowers actually weigh more, so if you purchase weed that has been exposed to more moisture, it’s going to cost you more for less
  • Moist weed is susceptible to mould and pathogens which can lead to illnesses like pneumonia

If your weed has been exposed to too much air:

  • It will lose both aroma and flavour
  • It will lose its potency as cannabinoids like THC and CBD degrade
  • It will be harsh to inhale making it more likely you’ll experience throat and lung irritation

Things to Avoid When Trying to Keep Weed Fresh

So, we’ve gone over what you should do to store cannabis properly, but what should you totally avoid to ensure your weed is fresh?

Firstly, never store cannabis in plastic or silicone. Plastic is only ever a short-term solution and for long-term storage of weed you should use glass jars or other airtight glass containers. Plastic and silicone can degrade plant compounds, like terpenes and cannabinoids, and it can lead to toxins leaching into your weed.

You should not store weed in the fridge or freezer. While a cool environment is a good idea, the fluctuation in temperature, when the door opens and closes, can cause moisture to build up in your storage container. Additionally, freezers are much too cold for the delicate trichomes in the flower.

You should completely avoid storing weed anywhere you suspect is damp. The relative humidity of damp environments can lead to mould and pathogen build-up in the cannabis plant and will not keep your weed fresh.

Don’t let your cannabis sit in the sun. The compounds in your cannabis concentrates will degrade much more quickly in the sun’s rays. This is why we recommended your store your weed in UV-protected containers.

And lastly, try and avoid buying weed in bulk. It can be difficult to store your weed properly and keep the flower fresh for any length of time, so buying what you need and enjoying it quickly is always best.

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