Our Story - Qunubu

Qunubu–a name derived from ancient Assyrian history–is known to be the origin of the word cannabis and was first used in ceremonies when they discovered its psychoactive properties.
At Qunubu Cannabis, our approach, rooted in history and knowledge, is to help you discover our carefully curated cannabis products in a judgment-free space. This is so that you can learn, ask questions and pick up high-quality products that ensure a great experience with cannabis.


We are passionate about providing high-quality products, giving great advice, and empowering first-time customers seeking help in an approachable environment – whether you order online or from our cannabis store.
The teams in our North York and Ontario cannabis stores are well-versed in our entire inventory, and we’re always around to help with recommendations or explain anything you find confusing.
Looking for specific brands? We’ve got tons to choose from in our stock, including popular favourites like Daily Special, 1964 Supply Co., Color Cannabis, and Wyld.

In A Hurry?

Qunubu Cannabis is always mindful of its customers’ time and offers a FastLane service for people on the go. This means you can buy online and pick it up curbside at our cannabis store in Toronto so you can have the products you need, even when life is busier than usual!


We want to empower all of our customers when choosing cannabis products. We know that the world of cannabis can be overwhelming for new users, and as such, we’re always looking for ways to be more accessible as a service.
From CBD to THC to CBN, the different cannabinoids all have amazing benefits and unique properties that appeal to each individual user. We will make your experience with Qunubu as personalized as possible, ensuring that whatever recommendations and advice we give, it is all based on your specific needs.
Are you looking for a cannabis store in North York that has quality cannabis products like pre-rolls, knowledgeable staff and professional service in an approachable space?
Qunubu Cannabis is here to help! We’ve got an assortment of carefully crafted cannabis products for every wallet. If you’re looking for the best stuff at a fair price with friendly customer service, Qunubu should be your one and only stop!
If you have further questions about different strains, our inventory, or specific brands, don’t hesitate to reach out today!