Our Story

Qunubu – a name derived from ancient Assyrian history and known to be the origin of the word cannabis. First used in ceremonies when they discovered its psychoactive properties. At Qunubu Cannabis, our approach, rooted in history and knowledge is to help you discover our carefully curated cannabis products in a judgement-free space for you to learn, ask questions and pick up high-quality products to have a great experience with cannabis.


We are passionate about providing high-quality products, answering all questions, and empowering first-time customers seeking help in an approachable and knowledgeable environment.

In a hurry? Qunubu cannabis is always mindful of its customers’ time and also offers FastLane service for people on the go.


Looking for value, professional, respectful, and knowledgeable service in an approachable space? Our team is here to help! We’ve got an assortment of carefully crafted cannabis products for every wallet. If you’re looking for the best stuff at a fair price with friendly service, Qunubu is here to help.