How To Measure Cannabis

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With the legalization of the cannabis industry, there are some regulations on the legal limit of cannabis flower, and other forms of cannabis, that you can possess. There are also a lot of slang terms that can refer to marijuana measurements when you purchase weed. This can make the whole thing confusing, so we’ve decided to break it down for you.

In this article, we’re going to go over the legal limits, some slang terms, and why it’s important to know what measurements are when it comes to weed. Take a look now to learn more.

A Guide to Weed Measurments

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or you’re using it recreationally, you should be aware of some of the ways weed is measured and how it can affect you as a cannabis consumer. We’ve broken it down below.

Legal Possession Limits: How Much Weed Can I Possess Legally in Canada?

At any one time in Canada, you can legally possess a maximum of 30g of dried cannabis. This is equal to one ounce of weed. To make it easier, one gram of dried cannabis is equal to:

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible
  • 70 grams of liquid cannabis
  • 0.25 grams of liquid or solid concentrates
  • 1 cannabis seed

Common Weed Measurements to be Aware Of

Some of the most common weed measurements and slang terms you may hear include:

  • One gram of weed: This is the smallest possible amount of cannabis that you can buy at a weed dispensary. It is considered that one gram of weed is the closest you can get to a ‘dime bag.’
  • Dub sack: The meaning of this slang term varies from place to place but usually means two grams of weed.
  • An eighth: This is an eighth of an ounce of weed and is equal to about 3.5 grams of weed. It is usually the perfect amount for most users.
  • A quarter ounce: This is equal to seven grams of weed (or there about!) A quarter ounce is probably enough for at-home edibles.
  • Half an ounce: This is, you guessed it, half an ounce of weed. You can simply ask for a half or a half ounce and the dispensary should know what you’re talking about. A half ounce is equal to 14 grams of weed.
  • Ounce: An ounce of weed is equal to 28 grams of weed. Since you can only have 30 grams of weed on you at any one time in Canada, you’re unlikely to be able to buy much more than an ounce at a dispensary in Canada.
  • Larger amounts: Larger quantities of weed can be purchased by dispensary owners, like a quarter pound, a full pound, and more.

Why Does Measuring Weed Matter?

Whether it’s a dime bag or a full ounce, the amount you buy can have a huge impact on what you do with your weed. If you only buy a single gram, you’re likely to have enough for a joint or two, whereas buying a full ounce will give you enough for edibles, joints, and more. If you’re a medical patient, you may have been advised by your doctor on how much you will need.

It is always advisable to start off small, especially if you’re new to weed or you’re using a new strain. In these instances, smoking or consuming too much weed could have adverse effects that are unpleasant and best to be avoided. if you’re unsure about measurements in the cannabis world, you can always speak with staff at the dispensary to get a better understanding of weed amounts.

What to Know About Weed Before Using It

Whether you’re buying a single gram, an eighth of an ounce, or a quarter ounce, before you begin purchasing weed, there are a few things you should know. Firstly you should consider what it is you want from cannabis. Do you want to feel more relaxed? Are you looking to try a new strain? How would you like to consume the cannabis you’re buying?

How many grams you buy, while affecting what you can do with them, will not affect the way the cannabis makes you feel, or the high. Instead, the cannabinoids in cannabis, like THC and CBD, will affect how you feel.

THC is known as the cannabinoid that gives you the high. It has psychoactive properties and is found in differing quantities depending on the strain of weed you choose. CBD is another cannabinoid that is non-intoxicating and does not produce euphoric properties. It is often used to deal with anxiety and sleep issues.

And whether it’s a dime bag, 3.5 grams of cannabis, or a quarter of an ounce, you should also consider how you want to consume weed. While all these measurements generally refer to the weight of dried cannabis, you can also get cannabis in liquid form, flower form, and as edibles. Oils and capsules can be consumed orally or sublingually, and edibles can be eaten. While most people think of weed being smoked, this isn’t the only method of consumption.

Lastly, you need to consider storage. While buying more cannabis at once can save money, if you don’t store weed properly it can become dry, lose potency, and, if it’s exposed to too much moisture, it can even grow mould. Consider this before buying more than you need!

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