How Long Can a Cannabis Plant Live?

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Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there has been much interest in the marijuana plant, how it grows, and how long it can live. We’re going to help you understand the life cycle of the cannabis plant in this article.

So, How Long Can a Cannabis Plant Live?

When growing in the wild, cannabis plants can live for one year. Cannabis is an annual plant and is also unisexual, meaning there is a male and a female cannabis plant. From cannabis seeds, through sexual maturity, the marijuana plant lives for just one year, however, new techniques have been able to extend the life of the cannabis plant through cloning, which extends the plant’s life cycle.

When are Cannabis Plants Harvested?

The cannabis plant is ready for harvesting after the flowering stage and a ‘flush’ or a decrease in nutrients occurs. To harvest the plant, it is trimmed and then these parts are usually dried out and cured. The part of the cannabis plant which is most desirable is the flower or bud, which is why the plant must have gone through the flowering stage first.

The leaves of cannabis plants are fairly useless, so harvesting is a labour-intensive process because much time is spent cutting past fan leaves.

Stages of a Cannabis Plants Life Cycle

Below, we’ve summarized the key stages in the life cycle of the cannabis plant.

  1. Germinating seeds: This process takes between 3 and 12 days and involves ensuring that the cannabis seeds absorb a sufficient amount of water and are in darkness. The cannabis seed will begin sprouting by the end of this stage.
  2. Seedling stage: Once you can see the two rounded cotyledon leaves sprouting from the seed, a cannabis plant is considered to be in its seedling stage. This stage lasts 1–4 weeks. By the end of the cannabis seedling stage, you can usually tell the difference between male and female plants. Male plants will usually be destroyed.
  3. Vegetative stage: This stage in a cannabis plant’s life cycle is when the plant exhibits the most growth. Roots develop and vegetative growth occurs for approximately 1 to 2 months.
  4. Transitional (Pre-flowering stage): In only a few weeks, growth increases dramatically, as does the demand for nutrients. This stage, between the vegetative stage and the actual flowering stage, is when the weed plant prepares to become a flowering plant.
  5. Flowering plants: This stage is the reproductive phase of the plants and also marks the first increase in THC and CBD. Flowering cannabis plants have significant medical benefits. The harvest time will depend on the strain and the level of each cannabinoid desired by the grower. The flowering stage lasts between 1 and 4 months.
  6. Harvesting: Cannabis flowers are usually harvested after a ‘flush’. Different growers will choose to harvest the female flowers at different times depending on how it is going to be used.

When Should Weed Plants Be Grown?

If you’re growing cannabis indoors in a controlled environment, then you get to determine the hours of light, how many plants you’re growing, and the number of nutrients they get. You essentially control the plant’s growth, even lengthening stages if you’d like. This means that you can basically grow cannabis indoors whenever you choose to.

If you’re growing cannabis outdoors, then the best time to begin the germination stage is in February. Depending on how long you’re leaving the plant in each stage, and the natural life cycle of the strain you’re growing, you would usually begin harvesting the plant between September and November.

Can I Legally Grow Marijuana in Canada?

While cannabis possession is legal in Canada, there are rules on how much cannabis you can carry at one time. Similarly, there are rules on how many cannabis seeds you may carry as well as how many marijuana plants you may grow.

Federal law allows a household to grow up to 4 plants. However, depending on the province or territory you live in, the rules may differ slightly. It is important to check out the local rules before you decide to grow marijuana at home to ensure you’re doing so legally.

Additionally, if you’re new to growing weed, then you should research as much as you can about the measures you need to take to grow weed safely at home. It can be a learning curve getting it right and you may need to have a few tries before you get enough flower clusters.

Benefits of Growing Marijuana at Home

There are some benefits to choosing to grow your own cannabis. These include:

  • Saves money: If you’re spending lots on weed every week, you could benefit from growing your own cannabis as it will save you money in the long run. Bear in mind that growing cannabis can be difficult at first and you may need to invest in the proper equipment to get it right.
  • Constant supply: For those who are using cannabis medically, a constant supply can be a lifesaver. Having it in your home means you are unlikely to run out and always have it at your disposal.
  • Quality: Even though the legalization of weed has meant that there is more regulation, there will still be differences in quality depending on where you buy your weed. If you’re growing it yourself then you know exactly how good it is and you can control the quality yourself.
  • Make your own extracts: If you’re truly dedicated to cultivating weed, you may even learn to make your own extracts from the plants you’re growing or breed your own strains. This means you’re getting the exact cannabis you want.

Drawbacks of Growing Your Own Weed

There are also disadvantages to growing your own weed which are as follows.

  • Limitations: While you can learn to create your own extracts, there are some limitations to what you will be able to do at home. Specialist products, like vape pens, are pretty difficult to DIY.
  • Cost, time, and space: While it is cheaper in the long run, you will have to dedicate money, time, and space to growing your own weed. If you’re living a busy life, it’s a pretty full-on hobby to take on.
  • Legality: While you may grow weed at home in Canada, some provinces and local governments may have different rules. What is legal in one province may not be in another, which means you’re going to need to do some thorough research before you begin.

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